Connect your Appmodule with a PC

Before you can start the configuration, a connection via network has to be established.
Note, that the communication between the Appmodule and PC is via the network (IP).
Make sure that the wiring is properly.

The default-IP of the Appmodule is:
To reach this IP-Adress, some skills around “network” are needed.

Check your “Default Gateway” with “cmd.exe” and the command “ipconfig”

In our example, we are not in the same area as the Appmodule, that’s why a connection won’t be possible.

Now there are 2 options to achive access to the Appmodule:

We highly recommend to use BAB STARTER, nevertheless it can occur that the Appmodule is not reachable with the programm. If this happens, a temporary change of the network settings has to be done.

Our goal is to assign a supported IP-Adress to the Appmodule wherewith an access is possible with your usual network settings.