1: Activating a third-party API

Activating a third-party API

To use a third-party API, you have to activate it in the ekey bionyx app.
Start by opening the app and logging the user in.
You should see the dashboard with the standard ekey bionyx function(s).

Then go to the settings page by selecting the user icon.
Select “Smart home connections” and activate the API:

Note that only system administrators (the owners of the system) are allowed to do this.
Other users do not see this option in the ekey bionyx app.

After that you can either add an HTTP request manually in the app or use the API to do this automatically.

# Adding HTTP requests with the app manually (optional)

We provide a feature for customers to add and assign individual HTTP(S) requests in the ekey bionyx App
If you want to try out HTTP(S) requests sent by ekey fingerprints, you can use the app.
A detailed explanation of this can be found here.

First select “HTTP(S) request”.
Then use the floating action button with the plus icon and add the details about your request.
If you did not design the system to be called yourself, you have to look up the details in the system vendor’s developer support resources.
Finally, select the device which shall be used to execute the request when triggered by the app (e.g. for testing):

Continue with assigning new functions to fingers.