Overview: ekey bionyx HTTPS requests


ekey bionyx brings a lot of features, like free configurable HTTPS requests.
The HTTPS requests are usally found in third-party APIs of smart devices like smart locks, intercoms and many more. One practical example for a request sent by an ekey fingerprint scanner could be the opening of a smart lock.
The settings can easily be accessed in the ekey bionyx app.
ekey HTTPS requests are assigned to users/fingers. It is also possible to trigger requests through the ekey bionyx app.

Intended use

If you cannot find your third-party system or device listed on our website, there is no operational API available yet. In this case, we provide a solution: so called HTTPS requests. In daily use, the HTTPS requests are triggered by the ekey fingerprint scanner as soon as the assigned finger matches.
To configure an HTTPS request, some skills in understanding APIs and networks are needed. If you want to educate yourself take a look at Explanation of REST & HTTP .

By now, it is only possible to trigger 5 HTTPS requests per ekey bionyx account with the ekey bionyx app or an assigned finger. An unknown finger and the ekey input (digital input of the ekey control unit) cannot be selected for this smart home feature. ekey is continuously developing and improving this feature and each new release of the ekey bionyx app offers even more possibilities.

Sample sketch of an installation and the communication between the devices