EXAMPLE: Unlocking a Tedee lock with a Tedee smart bridge

To explain the process, we will walk you through the use case of controlling a Tedee PRO with a Tedee smart bridge via an ekey fingerprint scanner.

1: Installation and activation

Make sure that all the devices are ready for use and connected to your network.

2: Tedee API

To get started, please go to the Tedee API documentation and follow the steps explained there. In this post, we will focus on an integration via the Tedee API (as opposed to Bluetooth).

As recommended by Tedee, we will use Postman to test our request.

API authentication

We use a Personal Access Key (PAK). You can generate the PAK in the Tedee Portal, as described HERE.

Get Details

Now we can get information about all the Tedee locks with the following request:

We also need two headers for this request.
First header:

  • Key: Accept
  • Value: application/json

Second header:

  • Key: Authorization
  • Value: PersonalKey {insert PAK}

The responses should provide information about the Tedee lock we want to integrate. We will need the lock ID, as shown below (“id”: 1).


Now that we have everything we need, we can send a request to unlock. The lock ID must be entered in {id}:

The mode is optional. We decided not to use it.
Now we can send the request:
You will find further details about the unlocking procedure HERE.

3: Test your request

If you followed the previous steps accurately, you should now be able to unlock the Tedee lock.

4: ekey bionyx app

  1. Activate the HTTPS requests
  2. Add the HTTPS request
    2.1 Make sure you choose the correct method and URL (same URL as in “Test your request”).

    2.2 In the request header, you have to enter the two headers mentioned above:
    Press “add” and continue with the second one:
    2.3 Regarding the security options, we selected the following level:
    Authentication is not necessary, as we are using the PAK in the request header.
  3. Assign the HTTPS request


This HTTP request will only work if both systems are online and have an internet connection.