Update history - ekey bionyx App

Version 4.2.X

New features:

  • support of ekey controller REG extension modules 2 & 8.
  • Slider for timeout on HTTPS requests
  • Increase in the number of devices (up to 20 device pairs per system possible)
  • Access areas have been removed from the app
  • Faster assignment of functions, persons and fingers

Bug fixes:

  • Error message if wrong wifi password
  • Last wifi is displayed in wifi settings (even if offline)
  • New device icons
  • Restore system key with the help of another admin after backup QR code is lost
  • Devices stuck in the app in the update process can now be deleted
  • Revised online status

Version 4.1.X

  • The assignment of functions and the settings of the LEDs will be taken on with the app-function device replacement.
  • Alexa actions will be shown in the access logs
  • HTTPS request - Support of special characters in the URL-input box
  • Smart home connections can be activated by administratos
  • Other bugfixes and improvements

Version 4.0.X

  • The brightness of the the led-ring can be adjustet
  • Support of xLine und sLine devices

Version 3.2.X

  • Bugfixing and improvments

Version 3.1.X

  • Support of max. 5 fingerprints in one ekey bionyx account
  • the finger templates can be syncronized within the ekey bionyx system
  • HTTPS-Requests to control smart home devices
  • Simple device exchange
  • Other Bugfixes and improvements