Update history - ekey dline fingerprint and controller

ekey dLine Fingerprint: Version 4.0.455; ekey dLine Controller: Version 4.0.408

  • Bugfix: fingerprint was blinking blue and reported neither the green oder red led-status

ekey dLine Fingerprint: Version 4.0.447; ekey dLine Controller: Version 4.0.404

  • The brightness of the the led-ring can be adjustet
  • other bugfixes and improvements

ekey dLine Fingerprint: Version 3.0.388; ekey dLine Controller: Version 3.0.343

  • Support of max. 5 fingerprints in one ekey bionyx account
  • the finger templates can be syncronized within the ekey bionyx system
  • HTTPS-Requests to control smart home devices
  • Simple device exchange
  • Other Bugfixes and improvements