EXAMPLE: Switching a Somfy io relay (Somfy TaHoma)

To explain the process, we will walk you through the use case of switching a relay of a Somfy Tahoma (Izymo on/off Receiver io) system via an ekey fingerprint scanner.

1: Installation and activation

Make sure that all the devices are ready for use and connected to your network.

2: Somfy API

To get startet please visit the Somfy Developer Website to see how to activate the API for your system. Here is the documentation for the Somfy API to start the authentication. For Executions and Device IDs I would recommend this Somfy API Documentation.

We want to switch a Somfy io relay, so we will just elaborate on the most relevant areas of the Somfy API. For this example I used the Postmann App to test this integration.

API authentication

Following this step you’ll have to generate a Token.

This Token has to be activated.

With this active Token you are now authorized to send order/requests.

Before we go ahead, please note that the devices have to be integrated in your Somfy Tahoma System. If you already integrated the devices you can send a request to find out the necessary Infos (deviceURL, commands, names etc.) as seen below.
We will use this URL as our base and add just the additions from the headline and use the given method. The pin is specific to your Somfy Tahoma Box and the port would be 8443 by default.

Get Device Information

Here now how to get the device Infos.

Apply an Execution

With this information you can now apply an Execution of a device function.

3: Test your request

If you followed the previous steps accordingly, you should be able to switch the specific relay of the chosen Somfy device (Response as seen above in the previous Screenshot).

4: ekey bionyx app

  1. Activate the HTTPS requests
  2. Add the Somfy HTTPS request
    2.1 Make sure you choose the correct method and URL (same URL as in “Test your request”)
    2.2 In the Request-Header you have to put in the Token for your Authorization, as seen below.
    2.3 Now you put in the Request-Body (also same as in “Test your request”)
    2.4 Regarding the saftey options I have selected this format. Authentication won’t be nessecary as we are using the Token in the Request-Header
  3. Assign the HTTPS request


As long as the fingerprint scanner can reach the Somfy Tahoma Box in the local network, the HTTPS request it sends will trigger the Somfy relay. An internet connection is not needed for daily use, but a stable local network is essential.

Important: Please note that, depending on the method, the data may be sent unencrypted in the home network. ekey does not accept any liability for consequences of any kind.