EXAMPLE: Triggering an input on a Loxone Miniserver

To explain the process, we will walk you through the use case of triggering an input on a Loxone Miniserver via an ekey fingerprint scanner. This should work on Gen. 1 and 2 Miniservers.

1: Installation and activation

Make sure that all the devices are ready for use and connected to your network.

2: API documentation

To get started, you can either use a normal input (like a switch or a button) or a virtual input. Here are the links to the documentation of a virtual input and a normal input).
For more information have a look at the API documentation.
In this example we used the Postman app to test the triggering of a button.


Both Loxone Miniserver Gen. 1 and 2 support Basic Authentication. To get the key you have to use a Basic Authentication Header Generator, where you will enter your admin credentials.
The Postman app does this for you.

Get device information

To get the necessary information for the input we want to trigger, we will send a GET request:

And here seen in the Postman app:

In the response you will get the name and ID of each input on your Loxone Miniserver.

Apply an execution

With the ID of a specific input you can now configure a POST request:

Here again in the Postman app:

You can use different values for different outputs (shading, lights, scenes, etc.).

3: Test your request

If you followed the previous steps accordingly, you should be able to trigger a specific input of the Loxone system.

4: ekey bionyx app

  1. Activate the HTTPS requests
  2. Add the Loxone HTTPS request
    2.1 Make sure you choose the correct method and URL (same URL as in “Test your request”)
    2.2 In the Request header you have to put in the Basic Authentication (here used as example User: admin, PW: admin).
    2.3 Regarding the security options, I have selected the following format. Authentication is not necessary since we are using Basic Authentication in the Request header:
  3. Assign the HTTPS request


As long as the fingerprint scanner can reach the Loxone Miniserver in the local network, the HTTP request will trigger the input. An internet connection is not needed for daily use, but a stable local network is essential.

Important: Please note that, depending on the method, the data may be sent unencrypted in the home network. ekey does not accept any liability for consequences of any kind.